Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Their Blood by Sharon Potts

Born into a life of privilege, Jeremy Stroeb loves freedom, loathes responsibility, and drops out of college to start backpacking across Europe. But this free-spirited drifter crashes back to brutal reality when his parents, Rachel and Daniel Stroeb, are murdered in their home on Miami Beach.

When he returns to Miami, Jeremy assumes guardianship of his teenage sister Elise, who is traumatized and convinced the killer will be back for her.

With steely, urgent resolve, Jeremy vows to find out what really happened to Rachel Stroeb, the respected CPA, and Daniel Stroeb, the controversial professor. Determined to get on the inside of his parents’ lives, Jeremy takes a job at the accounting firm where his mother worked, and enrolls at the University where his father taught.

But too many details don’t add up. With mounting certainty that his parents were anything but the people he thought they were, Jeremy must face the toughest questions of all. Who were Rachel and Daniel Stroeb? And when will the killer be back for the next of kin?

Entrepreneur, CPA, soccer mom, president of an executive search/accounting recruitment firm —Sharon Potts filled a variety of rolls before penning her first novel.

Amazon reviewers have called In Their Blood (ISBN-13: 9781933515625) “a super amateur sleuth tale,” a “coming of age suspense novel with a rich emotional landscape,” and my favorite, an “edge-of-seat thriller.” I have to agree on all counts and can’t wait to read the next Potts tale.

If any adults on your Christmas list enjoy a mystery with thrills and chills, this novel is a great gift choice.

Charlotte Phillips is the co-author of the Eva Baum Detective Series, 2009 President for The Final Twist Writers Group and contributor to multiple blogs. Learn more about Charlotte and her books at:

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  1. My list overfloweth. LOL.

    This sounds like another great read, and I am making a list that will go well into 2010.

  2. Thanks Denise.

    Maryann, I'm right there with you. I loved the idea of the editors sharing their 2009 favorites, but all the books are landing on my wish list!


  3. Sharon gave a super pitch for her novel at the debut authors event at Bouchercon. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

  4. Oh, just stop it! So many books, so little time...


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