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2009 Fun Reads for Adults

A Box of Texas Chocolates is a delightful, multi-genre short story collection contains fourteen stories contributed by thirteen authors, all members of Houston's The Final Twist writing group.

If you have readers on your list and you're not sure what they like to read, readers who enjoy discovering new authors, or readers who grave diversity in reading material, this book is an excellent choice.

Do any adults on your list enjoy spicy romance written with humor? Remember Walter Mitty? Walter never had dreams like this. In Ripping the Bodice, Casandra Devon spends most of her life daydreaming about an imaginary, erotic world in which she is the protagonist is a series of romantic dramas closely resembling the traditional bodice rippers she loves to read. Real life intrusions result in thoroughly entertaining situations. I laughed from beginning to end.

Inara Lavey is the romance-writing pen name of a San Francisco mystery writer and former B-movie actress. Can you guest who?

If your reader prefers thrills and chills in the form of dark fiction that could come to life, check out The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow. While reading, I repeatedly calmed myself with the mantra, "This is only fiction. This is only fiction. This is only fiction."

Author Paul Boor, M.D. conducts research at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston - home to the highest level bio-safety laboratory in the U.S. Yes, that part is real. Deadly viruses are grown and studied in a place that has been torn apart, at least twice, by hurricanes. Dr. Boor uses this setting to create a world of cut-throat research grants, corrupt safety boards, and ambitious-beyond-reason scientists where one little hurricane can turn an idyllic island into a nightmare.

Charlotte Phillips is the co-author of the Eva Baum Detective Series, 2009 President for The Final Twist Writers Group and contributor to multiple blogs. Learn more about Charlotte and her books at:

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  1. Ooh, great recommendations. I'm going to look for The Blood Notes.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Great choice Helen. That one scared the beejeebers out of me. Is there a correct spelling for beejeebers?

  3. I have A Box of Texas Chocolates. It is a fun read, a yummy collection of short stories set in Texas, and all involve chocolate. I highly recommend it.

  4. I'm being drawn more and more to the dark side, I think. I'm definitely adding The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow to my reading list.

  5. Aww, Charlotte, Inara says thank you for the great review! :-)

  6. Helen and Patricia,
    When you read Blood Notes, think of me sitting in Houston and reading it right after Hurricane Ike. Shivers. Char

  7. Cornelia,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed A Box of Texas Chocolates. If you enjoy short stories, check out yesterday's post for another great recommendation.

  8. Dana,
    Please thank Inara for me. Rippling the Bodice was quite a treat. Mark thanks her too:-).

  9. SCORE! A Box of Texas Chocolates sounds right up my alley! Thanks!!

  10. I love Inara's writing, in all her incarnations.


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