Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tips for Press Releases--Part 1

A common question on author loops is how best to approach newspapers when you have an event coming up or news of a release or award. While a lot of promoting is now done on the Internet, there are still times that an author has a need to contact a print newspaper.

Tomorrow we will have a guest to pass on some valuable tips for getting attention in local newspapers. Sunny Frazier has considerable experience on both sides of this promotional coin, both receiving and sending press releases. She has worked for newspapers and handled PR for libraries and her local Sisters In Crime chapter.

The second post from Sunny will be a sample press release.

In addition to the tips that Sunny will offer tomorrow, I want to offer something that has worked well for me in regard to press releases. For the small town papers I send a press release that is basically the story. I also include a headshot, picture of my cover, and a one-page sheet of info about me and the book. When I had my book launch and donated some of the proceeds to local charities, that was the lead, and I got a lot of press in several small-town papers.

Tune in tomorrow for more tips from Sunny.


Maryann Miller is the Managing Editor of, an online community magazine, and a reviewer for and ForeWord Magazine. Her latest books are One Small Victory and Play it Again, Sam. Visit her Web site for information about her books and her editing services. If you have a good book, she can help you make it better. When she is not working, Maryann loves to play "farmer" on her little ranch in the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas.

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  1. AHA! Thank you! This post and the upcoming posts are of great interest to me.

    I am soon to have my first novel published (late November) and I am eager and anxious to do what I can to get press!

    It is a challenge knowing what to do and how to do it... the Internet is great but almost overwhelming, and I don't want to focus on it at the expense of other media.

    I have a great launch party planned and I hope some media folks will attend!

    Thanks, Jill

  2. Good tip to offer an article style release that the small press can run as is. Many will do that if they don't need to edit it. Looking forward to reading the upcoming posts.

  3. This is what I get for not even turning on my computer on Sunday. I did not know my post was up. Now I need to hurry and get the sample press release in the queue for Tuesday.

    Knew I shouldn't take a whole day off, but it sure felt good. :-)

  4. Sunny Frazier is one of the most generous authors I know. She's always willing to her wisdom and experience.


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