Friday, August 26, 2011

He did the Hokey-Pokey

The following is from the Washington Post Style Invitational contest that asked readers to submit "instructions" for something (anything), but written in the style of a famous person. The winning entry was The Hokey-Pokey (as written by William Shakespeare). We like to periodically share this for a little chuckle!

O proud left foot, that ventures quick within
Then soon upon a backward journey lithe.
Anon, once more the gesture, then begin:
Command sinistral pedestal to writhe.
Commence thou then the fervid Hokey-Poke,
A mad gyration, hips in wanton swirl.
To spin! A wilde release from Heavens yoke.
Blessed dervish! Surely canst go, girl.
The Hoke, the poke -- banish now thy doubt
Verily, I say, 'tis what it's all about.

(Written by Jeff Brechlin, Potomac Falls, Maryland, and submitted by Katherine St. John.)

There are more than 800 assorted invitationals at this Washington Post link, one more creative than the next. Be sure to bookmark it for ongoing fun. To read more about how the invitational came to be and who's behind it, click here.

Have you participated in one of these contests? I confess I'm a bit intimidated by some of the winners. The submissions are so clever, I feel, you know, sort of... hokey-pokey.
Dani Greer runs the Blog Book Tours Yahoogroup which teaches authors how to promote their books with a virtual tour. Next class begins September 5, 2011. She is founding member of The Blood Red Pencil. This time of year, she can usually be found in her two-acre garden trying to whip the grow-y stuff into some form of visual interest if not beauty. She is also special projects coordinator for Little Pickle Press.

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  1. I always enjoy reading the entries to these contests, but like you, I'm intimidated by the winners.

  2. Nope, never entered this type of contest. I confess I rarely enter contests anymore, especially if a fee is involved. But that winning "Hokey Pokey" entry was just too much!! Wow. Thanks for sharing it.


  3. Wow! That was quite impressive - and fun. Now, I'm off to read more!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  4. Whoa! How about Blue Suede Shoes by Poe?


  5. I would like to do a Mark Twain rap. It would be the first rap I ever wrote.

  6. Sad to say I'm not that inventive and wouldn't enter such a contest.

    Morgan Mandel

  7. I love that! I really love traditional poetic styles just as much as I like modern poetry, and there is just something so archaic about that tribute to the Hokey Pokey. I should dust off my strophes and enter one of those contests.


  8. I post, I post! That 'or else' can be very scary. :-)

  9. So that's how you do the hokey pokey!

    Funny stuff, Dani.

    Bob Sanchez

  10. What fun. I enjoy seeing how creative folks can be with this type of contest. I had not heard of it before. I'd like to see Stephen do the Mark Twain rap. It would be fun to have a rap between Huck Finn and Jim.

    Maybe for all the young folks who don't know what the Hokey-Pokey is we should give them the original version:

    You put your right foot in,
    You put your right foot out;
    You put your right foot in,
    And you shake it all about.
    You do the Hokey-Pokey,
    And you turn yourself around.
    That's what it's all about!

    And so on and so on....

  11. The Hokey Pokey ... the ultimate existential philosophy ... does indeed deserve this esteemed treatment ... it is, after all, what it is all about.

  12. Just read this aloud to my mother--hilarious! Try to read aloud in serious tone, without giggling!

  13. That is one of the funniest and most clever things I've read. :)

  14. This is awesome. Second best blog post I've read all week.

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