Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Promoting

After you write the story of your heart and go through the painful process of editing... wait it's not always painful...just sometimes...editors do try to be kind.

Anyway, the next step is publication, then after that begins another painful process- promotion. Wait... that's not always painful either...just sometimes...when you'd rather be writing.

Regardless, promoting is important and this year, actually starting last September, I have been trying virtual promoting over the traditional signing events, etc. I have done a number of those and enjoy them, but circumstances have limited my ability to be out on the road a lot, so I have been out on the Internet.

I have been doing tours, guest blogging and a lot of other networking on the Internet, as well as doing some Internet radio. And I found a great site: The Authors Show where I am going to be a guest on Friday, May 29.

This is not a plea for everyone to run over there to listen, although that would great, it is a plug for the show, which is a good place for authors to promote their work, fiction and nonfiction.

Online marketing via virtual book tours, blogging, Twittering, being on social sites, and guest spots on Internet radio shows is an effective way to reach readers all over the world. And the real beauty of it is that you don't have to travel any further than to your home computer.

I did a virtual book tour in September 08 and saw the hits to my Web site double for several weeks, so I know this is an effective way to reach people.

I should also mention that I have purchased a number of books after following someone for a while on a virtual book tour or meeting them via Twitter and similar sites. As Don McCauley of Free Publicity Group says, marketing it is all about building trust, and through a virtual book tour I have come to know authors well enough to become interested in their books.

Don McCauley is the host of The Author Show, and in addition to conducting a great interview, he offers writers a lot of free material to help them with their marketing efforts. It is a connection well worth making for any author who wants to promote for pennies.


Maryann Miller is an author and freelance editor. Her latest books are One Small Victory and Play it Again, Sam. Visit her Web site for information about her books and her editing services. If you have a good book, she can help you make it better. When she is not working, Maryann loves to play "farmer" on her little ranch in the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas.

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  1. Thanks for the info Maryann. I keep looking at blog radio opportunities, but seem to have cold feet in this area. And the reason is ridiculus. Early on while researching blog radio opportunites, I listened to a really, really bad interview. The interviewee stuttered, hemed and hawed, and generally left much dead air. The interviewer didn't do anything to help the situation.

    So my fear is that I, too, would freeze up. The reason I think this is ridiculus is because I'm a consultant by day. To get my consulting badge I had to prove that I could speak on any topic, on demand - without a flip chart and without markers. So I know I can do it. Still, I can't seem to make the calls.

    Did you have any concerns before your first radio interview? If yes, how did you overcome them?


  2. Charlotte, I will admit to being fearful that I would freeze the first time I was interviewed on the radio, but it has gotten much easier through the years. One of the things that has helped is to have notes of what I want to make sure I cover.

    For several years I did a 10 minute spot on a local radio station to promote events at the Art Center, and the first few of those were not great. Then I started using the notes, as well as thinking of it as a conversation with a friend, not an interview. That helped me to relax.

    One of the nice things about Internet radio shows is that the ones I have done have asked for a list of questions with my answers, so we are both prepared the day of the taping or airing. Takes a bit of work, but it is worth it.

    My suggestion is to jump in there. :-)

  3. I appreciate your giving the links out. I wasn't aware of these resources.

  4. Thanks Maryann. I did one interview on Blog Radio. I really enjoyed it.

    Straight From Hel

  5. Blog Radio is another good place for an interview. Thanks for pointing that out, Helen.

  6. Thanks for the links to new promo opportunities, Maryann. I'm finding so much new stuff, just since the last time I did this in 2007.


  7. You might want to check out which is my blog radio show where I interview women mystery authors. There are a couple of archived interviews where you can check out how it goes. I've had some great interviewees and we make it really easy. I'm booked through this year, and am scheduling for 2010. Email me if interested.

  8. Sylvia, thanks for stopping by and letting folks know about your show. I should have mentioned that I am scheduled there in August. :-)


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