Saturday, April 11, 2009

Meet The Editor

A native Montanan, Heidi Thomas now lives in Northwest Washington. She has just had her first novel published, Cowgirl Dreams, based on her grandmother. Heidi has a degree in journalism, a certificate in fiction writing, and is a member of Northwest Independent Editors Guild. She teaches writing and edits, and is working on the next books in her Dare to Dream series.

1. When did you first notice you were hung up on typos?

Probably when I took my first typing class. LOL. Seriously, I had the world’s best copyeditor when I worked at my newspaper job. He gave me the foundation for careful editing.

2. What advice would you give someone interested in becoming an editor?

Know the rules. Study the publications and know which manual of style to use for newspapers, magazine or fiction.

3. What's the best advice you have ever received from a writer?

To give myself permission to set aside the “true” story and write an engaging, compelling story.

4. What's the best advice you've given a writer?

Number One: READ. Learn your craft, practice it, and persevere.

5. In your opinion, what makes an editor great?

Not only spotting typos, punctuation and grammatical problems, but also being able to see “the big picture,” how the story flows, how the action and conflict progresses, how the character develops.

6. What's the one misperception about editors you want to clear up?

That we can guarantee our clients will get published.

7. Why should a writer choose to work with you?

I’m very conscientious, I’m thorough, I’m not expensive, and I give 110 percent.

8. What genres do you focus on? Why?

Mostly fiction, because that’s what I enjoy writing right now. But I also have journalism degree and background so I do non-fiction as well.


  1. The big picture part sometimes can be difficult when you're caught up in trying to figure out what happens next.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Nice to get to know more about you Heidi. We have similar backgrounds as I got my start in journalism and learned from a great mentor at a magazine.


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