Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ask the Editor - New Feature Here at The Blood-Red Pencil

We're excited to tell you about Ask the Editor, a new feature we've added to this blogspot.

For the first round, I put a call out to writers at Book Place asking them to e-mail me questions. I've relayed those questions to our Editors, and they've chosen which ones they'd like to answer.

From time to time, you'll notice Ask the Editor as part of the subject line of a post here. That'll be your clue the post will be about a question posed by a writer. It may be something you've thought of asking, but were too embarrassed, or never gotten around to asking.

If you'd like the possibility of your question being featured in one of the blogs by an Editor here, here's what to do:

  1. e-mail me at with Ask the Editor in the subject line
  2. Give me your full name
  3. Pose the question
  4. Leave your website, blogspot or both
  5. Indicate the name of your current, upcoming novel, or work in progress
  6. provide one buy link for the novel, if it's available

I can't guarantee when or if every question will be answered, but we'll do our best. Keep watching to see if your question, with your promo, is one that's picked. Even if it isn't, you may still learn a few things you didn't already know.


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Morgan Mandel


  1. What a great idea you came up with, Morgan. Thanks.

    Wonderful opportunity to ask editors what you want to know about writing, publishing, and, of course, editing manuscripts.

  2. Morgan,
    Glad you came up with this idea. It helps to have specific questions to answer as opposed to trying to come up with subjects to address. Thanks.

  3. This is an amazing opportunity and generous too. I look forward to reading the questions and answers.


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