Thursday, August 7, 2008

Now you have written

Time to revise, and then edit. What actually is the difference between the two? Join authors here who will tell you that and so much more.


  1. Ok...Thisis a majorly kool blog which obviouslysome writer's might need. because some writers mistakenly submit to publishers bad manuscripts. Including me. (Tee-hee)

  2. In my English classes, we set a concrete difference between revising and editing stages - keep in mind, my students are writing essays - not stories, but I think it could used for fiction, too.

    In the revision process, we look at the content, the work as a whole to make sure it's doing what you set out to do. What's the work's purpose? Are you adhering to it? Is there development? Is there interest? Is there a beginning that engages and intrigues? Is there an ending that creates finality for the reader?

    In the editing stage, we're looking at the correctness of grammar and mechanics. Are the sentences strong? Do you use punctuation correctly? Do subjects & verbs agree? Nouns & pronouns? Do you use vocabulary appropriate to the subject?

  3. I agree with Chick Lit Gurrl. Revision is seeing a new way of writing the story and editing is making corrections of any grammatical errors.


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