Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Book Review: Jade's Blood

It is exciting times when two of my Ladyscribes have books coming out in the same month. The first is from my writing buddy Kat Huddleston who has just released her vampire paranormal fantasy novel Jade's Blood. I remember critiquing the very first draft, I knew it was going to be good because, like our buddy Rita Woods, Kat's first drafts are golden. She has written so many great short stories.

High school history teacher Max Maguire didn't believe in vampires, until...

When Max Maguire begins to suspect one of his brightest students is in trouble, he ends up walking down the wrong alley and suddenly he's on the menu for a beautiful, powerful and quite vicious vampire named Jade.

Soon Max's life takes a dark turn as he must learn how to survive in Jade's twisted world while he attempts to satisfy her appetites and his own.

While Max plots exactly how to kill the most evil creature on earth, he discovers there’s another group of vampires that have their own plans for Jade. Before he knows it, Max is caught in the middle of a vampire war that neither side can afford to lose. Who knew immortality could be so short?

Still, there’s one thing neither side knows... Max has a secret of his own.

I love that this story is told from a male protagonist point of view. Though there are sexy times, it isn't a romance novel. It's about a man coming to terms with becoming a monster and vowing to fight those monsters until they are all gone. Kat does a great job delving into the history teacher's mind as he copes with his transformation and wrestles with his conscience. Well-drawn characters, tense plot, five stars all around. Can't wait for her next book.

Pick up your copy of the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Jades-Blood-Maguire-Vampire-Novel-ebook/dp/B0B9R19C9P/

You can follow Kat on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathie.huddleston
And Twitter: https://twitter.com/scifikathie

Kat has been writing about the SciFi industry for a long time and has interviewed some of our favorite actors from SciFi movies and series. Follow her blog here: https://scifikathie.blogspot.com/

Next time, I will review Rita Woods' new release The Last Dreamwalker. Squee.

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