Monday, December 9, 2019

Leading the Charge with Dani Greer

This week at the Blood-Red Pencil we are celebrating our longest-serving members, with a look back at a selection of their awesome posts.

Social media maven Dani Greer began the Blood-Red Pencil blog in August 2008, bringing together editors from around the world to share their expertise with authors. At the same time Dani was spearheading the Blog Book Tours networking sensation that would give authors a much-needed virtual alternative to traveling around the country to attend book signings in bricks-and-mortar stores.

Dani's latest venture is Utopian Press, an uplifting response to our increasingly-dystopian reality.

You can connect with Dani on Facebook and Twitter.

Dani's top articles at the Blood-Red Pencil

Meet the Editor : Dani Greer
What Does an Editor Cost?  - This remains our most popular post with over 50K views and nearly 90 comments to date
Politics and the English Language
Writer Credibility
It's All in the Wrists
Hearing Voices: The Whispering Trees
Drinking on Groundhog Day
Comedy, Humor, and Laughter
A Sense of Place

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