Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Writers Workshops January to March 2019

Whether a one day session, one week conference, or a month-long writing workshop writing related events are a good way to commune with other writers. They are opportunities to network and get your name out there. In some instances, you can meet and mingle with editors and agents. Some offer critiques or pitching sessions. Nowhere will you find a higher concentration of introverts enjoying each other's company.

Local conferences are a good place to meet potential critique groups or recruit members.

Some are free. Some require a fee. Some are more social than others. Many are for new writers, but a few dig deep into craft. You should choose an event that speaks to your needs and desires.

January 7-12, 2019: Stanley Hotel Writer's Residential Component at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, December 23, 2018-January 6, 2019: Online component offered through CU Boulder's student portal.

January 10-20, 2019 The Pacific University Residency Writers Conference in Seaside, Oregon https://www.pacificu.edu/masters-fine-arts-writing/residency-writers-conference

January 14-18, 2019 Key West Literary Seminar and Writers' Workshop Program, Key West, Florida

January 18-20, 2019 Fishtrap Winter Weekend, Joseph, Oregon

January 19-26, 2019 Annual Writers In Paradise Conference, Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida

January 26, 2019 The Agile Writer Conference, Holiday Inn at the Richmond Airport Holiday Inn, Richmond, Virginia, http://awcon.org/

January 27, 2020 The 25th Annual Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway in New Jersey http://wintergetaway.com/ Looks like they are skipping 2019, but you can check their website for updates.

February 1-3, 2019 Rhode Island Romance Writers Retreat, Middletown-Newport, Rhode Island

February 7–9, 2019 Superstars Writing Seminars, Colorado Springs, Colorado http://superstarswriting.com/

February 7-10, 2019 Writers Studio at UCLA Extension, UCLA, California,

February 10-15, 2019 Get Away to Write Retreat, New Smyrna Beach, FL
February 13-17, 2019 San Miguel Writers' Conference & Literary Festival, San Miguel, Mexico https://sanmiguelwritersconference.org/
February 14-16, 2019 Life, the Universe and Everything Conference, Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Provo, Utah http://ltue.net/
February 14-18, 2019 San Francisco Writers Conference, Hyatt Regency Embarcadero San Francisco, California https://sfwriters.org/
February 15-17, 2019 Southern California Writers Conference, San Diego, California http://writersconference.com/sd/

February 22-24, 2019 West Coast Writers Conference, Los Angeles, California http://www.wcwriters.com/genrela/index.html

February 23, 2019 Murder in the Magic City, Homewood Library, Birmingham, Alabama http://www.mmcmysteryconference.com/
February 28 - March 3, 2019 Coastal Magic Convention, Urban Paranormal, Fantasy, & Romance Daytona Beach, Florida, http://coastalmagicconvention.com/
February 28 - Mar. 3, 2019: Algonkian Florida Author-Mentor Workshop, St. Augustine, Florida
March 1-3, 2019 WhimsyCon Steampunk and Costuming Convention, Denver, Colorado https://www.whimsycon.org/

March 1-3, 2019 Free Expressions Emotional Craft of Fiction Workshop, Las Vegas, Nevada


March 2, 2019 Publishing Workshop, Hammonton, NJ

March 2-3, 2019 Tucson Festival of Books, Tucson, Arizona,

March 9, 2019 Pittsburgh Writing Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA,

March 13 - 17, 2019 Mission of the Algonkian Writer Retreat and Novel Workshop

March 14-17, 2019 SleuthFest 2018, Embassy Suites, Boca Raton, Florida, http://sleuthfest.com/

March 18-21, 2019 Left Coast Crime, Vancouver, Canada

March 20-22, 2019 University of North Dakota Writers Conference,
University of North Dakota http://www1.und.edu/orgs/writers-conference/

March 21 - 24, 2019: Algonkian New York Pitch Conference
March 22-23, 2019 The National Black Writers Conference Biennial Symposium, New York  http://centerforblackliterature.org/nbwc2018/
March 22-24, 2019 Clockwork Alchemy Steampunk Conference, San Francisco, CA

March 27–30, 2019 Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference & Bookfair, Oregon Convention Center  

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  1. At this time of the year, one of those conferences or retreats in Florida would sure by nice. :D

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated on conference dates and venues. Early in my writing career I attended many conferences and learned so much. They really are worth your time and money.

  3. Having all these events listed in one handy place makes finding the right one in the right location at the right time so much easier. Thank you, Diana.


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